You can use Renjin as a standalone application, or integrated into any Java application. Take a look at the download page for more information.


You can find comprehensive documentation on Renjin, including:

Case Studies

Renjin has evolved from a research project into a stable solution used by companies and researchers to improve their development workflows.

There are several other open source projects that are built for or on Renjin. This list does not include Renjin specific packages (they are, if contributed (see Packages section below), available on


Packages is the way that R is extended with additional functionality.
Builds of CRAN and BioConductor packages for Renjin are available from our repository:

Packages created specifically for Renjin (and hence not on CRAN or BioConductor) can also be found in the above link. If you are a package creator/maintainer that have a Renjin package published to Maven Central you can fill in this form to add it to our list of packages.