RIOT 2019: The role of compilers in the Renjin Project

I was really excited to co-host the fourth RIOT workshop, co-located with UseR! 2019 in Toulouse. I've personally learned a lot from the previous RIOT workshops, and was delighted to welcome a big crowd to the workshop.

My colleague Maarten-Jan made a rough recording of my talk:

What I wanted to communicate was how the project initially started as a "rewrite" of GNU R, and has now evolved into a set of tools that automatically transforms millions of lines of C, C++, Fortran and R code to meet new needs and run in new environments.

Renjin does provide a new and hopefully improved interpreter and Just-in-Time (JIT) compiler built on the JVM, but the lion's share of the R community's enormous investment in numerical and statistical routines is transformed rather than replaced.

My slides are also available.

We had a full day of great talks, including:

Will post more links as they become available!

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