Renjin 3.5 Beta

We're excited to annnounce the first beta builds for Renjin 3.5!

Download a command-line distribution, or take a look at the project setup docs to add the beta to your Java project.

A few of the highlights include:

Full compatibility with GNU R 3.5.3

Renjin has been updated to include new and updated functions from GNU R 3.5.3, including those from the stats and other core packages. Please help us by reporting any inconsistencies to our GitHub Issue Tracker.

Graphics support

Thanks to our GCC-Bridge toolchain, Renjin can now offer full support for R graphics, grDevices, and grid packages, as well as packages like ggplot2 that depend on them.

Renjin 3.5 supports both R's ps and pdf devices, which should produce identical output to GNU R 3.5.3, as well as svg, raster, and interactive devices via Java's Graphics 2D API.

Tidyverse and more

Builds of the latest versions of popular tidyverse packages like ggplot2 are now available on

Still to come

We are shooting for the first Generally Available (GA) release of Renjin 3.5 early August.

In the meantime, please be patient while all 15,000 CRAN and BioConduct packages are built and tested against the latest builds, and as we fix remaining bugs for the GA release.

Support for Renjin 0.9.x

From this point on, we will only be providing bug and security fixes for Renjin 0.9.x to Renjin Enterprise Support customers. Contact us if you're not ready for a major upgrade but still need regular maintenance updates.

Read more at Renjin's blog or subscribe to the blog's RSS feed.

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