Renjin Enterprise Support

Renjin Enterprise Support (RES) is an annual subscription-based product that gives you access to Renjin source and binaries, proprietary add-on modules, and access to professional services from the team behind Renjin.

For organizations who rely on Renjin to support mission-critical applications, RES provides rapid issue response, phone and support portal access, and assistance directly from our engineers and developers.


Community Renjin Enterprise Support
Renjin Nightly Builds Yes Yes
Renjin Certified Releases - Yes
Backporting of bug fixes for major releases for up to 3 years - Yes
Supported Java Runtimes Java 8+ Java 6+
Priority Support - Yes
Critical defect resolution - 48hrs
Pricing Free €4800/developer/year

Nightly builds

BeDataDriven provides nightly builds of Renjin, and all CRAN and BioConductor packages as a free, public service. These builds pass all of Renjin's 30,000+ unit tests, but may include new features or experimental improvements that carry the risk of performance or compatibility regressions.

Renjin Certified Releases

With a commercial support subscription, you receive access to Renjin Certified Releases. Certified Releases are built from the same source as our publicly-available releases, and also licensed under the GPLv2, but have a release schedule designed to provide enterprises with the stability and confidence needed for mission-critical applications.

Renjin Certified Releases are tested against all CRAN and BioConductor packages, and only include new features or optimizations which have been piloted in real-world scenarios.

Backporting of bug fixes for major releases

Renjin Certified Releases also receive bug fixes for up to three years after their initial release. This ensures that long-running applications can be maintained over the long-term without the costs of upgrading to new major versions of Renjin.

Long-term Java Support

Our freely-available nightly builds target Java 8 or higher. Renjin Enterprise Subscribers also get access to certified releases that are compatible with Java 6 or Java 7. These releases may not offer the same performance as Renjin running on the latest JVM, but they provide a solution for highly constrained environments, for example Oracle 11g, which only supports Java 6.

Priority support

The Support Desk allows named Technical Contacts to get private help directly from BeDataDriven engineers, either for defect resolution or general help with Renjin.

Critical defect resolution

For the purposes of our commercial support, we consider there to be a defect when a Renjin Certified Release produces a different result than the corresponding version of GNU R, using only “pure R”.

Defects can be reported to our support desk and must include a reproducible test script to be covered by Service Level Agreement (SLA) that commits us to providing a hotfix or workaround within 48 hours. Code that relies on third party packages are excluded from this SLA.


Our pricing for the Renjin Enterprise Subscription is based on the number of developers who are entitled to direct support from BeDataDriven.

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